Testing Your Health With the Max Pulse

Testing Your Health Using the Max Pulse With Your Santa Rosa Chiropractor

A healthy body requires the right tools and screenings to maintain. When you have concerns about your health or notice changes in your health, Dr. Kyle may recommend testing your health with the Max Pulse. Dr. Kyle, your Santa Rosa chiropractor, recognizes the importance of health screenings and we take the time to help you identify and address potential problems with appropriate solutions.

What is the Max Pulse?

The Max Pulse is a non-invasive medical screening device used by professionals in our clinic to identify potential health concerns. It screens the variability in your heart rate, your mean heart rate, your stress levels and other factors that may increase your risk of certain health concerns. When combined with other screening tools to check your blood pressure, a professional determines your risk for a heart attack, stroke or similar complications.

As a screening device, the Max Pulse provides information about your heart rate and stress levels that provides a Santa Rosa chiropractor with the tools to encourage better health and well-being. It measures your cardiovascular and autonomic nervous system before providing a color print out with the appropriate information.

How it Helps with Health in Rohnert Park

When you seek assistance for your health in Rohnert Park, a professional uses different tools and screening solutions to develop an idea of your current situation. The Max Pulse is not a diagnostic tools. Instead, it is a screening device offering basic information a professional at our clinic needs to develop a long-term plan for your health.

It provides basic information about your stress levels, pulse and blood pressure. By using the information, we determine the risk of stroke, heart attack or other health concerns. We also focus on your specific needs before developing a solution or a plan of action.

Obtaining your health goals starts with identifying the risks to your well-being. At our clinic, we offer tools and solutions to improve your situation by screening your current health. To learn more about the screening tools our clinic uses or to set up a consultation, contact us today!

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