Sciatica Treatment in Santa Rosa

At Dr. Kyle Chiropractic Center, our Santa Rosa chiropractor delivers all natural sciatica relief, managing your pain without the use of medication. If you suffer from sciatica, learn how we can help you find wellness and enjoy your life in full.

Causes of Sciatica Seen By Your Santa Rosa Chiropractor

Lower back pain that radiates down to your legs, buttocks, or hips could be sciatica.

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes compressed. Thus, our chiropractor in Santa Rosa must figure out what is compressing your sciatic nerve to provide effective treatment. Potential causes of sciatica include subluxations or blockages of the spine, slipped or bulging disc, narrowing of your spinal canal, spondylolisthesis or slippage of your vertebrae, degenerative disc disease, and muscle spasms.

Some people experience increased sciatica pain because they are overweight, sleep on a soft bed, wear high heels, or do not exercise regularly. We assess your posture, movement, and musculoskeletal system to determine factors causing your sciatica. Then we take the appropriate action to provide treatment. Our goal is to always get you back to full health without using medication to temporarily reduce your sciatica pain.

Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Treatment

We begin with chiropractic adjustments for sciatica relief. Our adjustments soothe the spine and address subluxations and blockages that compress your sciatica nerve.

If you have a subluxation in the low back, our alignments will remove the swelling and compression, thereby reducing your sciatica symptoms. If you have a bulging disc that is placing pressure on your sciatic nerve, we can perform decompression treatments to reverse the bulge and relieve your pain.

To help with pain control, we may recommend stretches for your back, hips, and legs. Or we may try massage therapy to loosen soft tissue adhesions and provide sciatica relief.

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