The Magic that happens…

There is a magic that happens when the body runs the way it is supposed to do. It just heals things that no one thought would heal. It is absolutely facinating to watch the process as the interference along the spine is abolished. Think of the brain as a giant fountain of energy streaming impulses down the spinal cord out the major nerve trunks, energizing and powering all the activity that the body needs to coordinate to be healthy. Think of the subluxations that a Chiropractor deals with as rheostats that tamp down and diminish that energy flowing out those nerves.

The system of nerves that flows from the brain, down along the spine and that branches out to the rest of the body is responsible for coordinating the actions of the muscles, glands, organs and cells that must work together for your body to function. The body protects these delicate nerves inside your vertebral column. However, since you must be able to move, these segments are given that freedom of individual motion to bend in all directions.

I have had patients who were scheduled for surgery for pain radiating down an arm or leg who came in as a “last resort” before going into surgery. In one case the insurance company called up when my patient, (Naomi W.), canceled her surgery for a severely herniated lumber disc. She couldn’t go down stairs any longer without her leg collapsing, and that leg was losing muscle and wasting away. The insurance representative started to berate me for taking her away from her “needed surgery.” When this rep stopped talking I told him he was welcome to spend thousands of dollars to put her through a risky operation, or, since she was now walking fine, her leg was regaining muscle, and she had started to play tennis, maybe he might want me to continue treatment? You can guess what happened…and yes she completely healed without surgery!

I understand that there are still people who are not clear on the relationship between Chiropractic care and traditional medical care. That’s okay…it was unclear to the medical profession about 20 years ago exactly where we fit in. I am happy to relate that these days most of the medical profession has come around to understanding what we have to offer and often refer patients to Chiropractors. I was the Executive Director at Active Life Medical Center in Redwood City for many years. Our medical director, Genevieve Aschom, insisted on regular Chiropractic care. This was due in part, to the fact that she had much firsthand experience in our office with the positive results of our care.

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