Kyle Yoder D.C.,Q.M.E.

Santa Rosa Chiropractor“My goal is to reach out to Sonoma County and to make sure that all of those who are hurting receive the care they need, regardless of their financial status. I have helped people who were told they would be in pain for the rest of their lives to come back to a pain free existence. For twenty years I have continued to be amazed at the effectiveness and power of the body to heal in response to Chiropractic care. If you are hurting, come in and let’s talk about it.”
Dr. Kyle Yoder

Dr. Kyle Yoder came to Sonoma County after graduation from U.C. Berkeley. He fell in love with Sonoma County and ended up building a house on 30 acres in Cazadero using lumber milled from the existing trees. Following his calling to work as a healer he originally volunteered in Santa Rosa Community Hospital emergency room to gain experience for medical school.

However, during this period of time he experienced an injury to his back while lifting a patient in the ER. He was experiencing severe low back pain that radiated down his leg. The ER doctors that he had been working with used pain medication, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatory medication in an effort to assist him. After this approach failed, an intern insisted he go to that intern’s chiropractor. Although at that time he did not even know what a Chiropractor was he was ready for anyone to help.

The relief was immediate following his initial treatment, and became permanent with several weeks of care, and the course of his life changed with that chance event. He graduated in 1988 from Palmer Chiropractic and practiced as Executive Director for Active Life Medical Center for 20 years, blending both Chiropractic and Medical knowledge together for the best of both worlds. But, his heart has never left Sonoma County and he has opened up a new practice in Santa Rosa, CA.