Lower Back Pain Relief Starts with Chiropractic Care

Lower Back Pain Diagnosis & Treatment 

80-90% of the world have experienced stubborn lower back pain at some point in their life, but just because it’s a common problem doesn’t mean that you have to suffer. At Dr. Kyle Chiropractic Center, our Santa Rosa chiropractor, Dr. Kyle Yoder is committed to helping you find effective and long-lasting relief from your lower back pain related symptoms. Read on to learn why hundreds of people just like you have worked with Dr. Yoder to reclaim their health.

Why Chiropractic Care Works For Lower Back Pain Relief

Unlike many other physical ailments, lower back pain is a somewhat nebulous condition that presents differently in every person who experiences it. The exact cause is not always known, and the best course of treatment truly depends on several factors related to the individual, including age, overall health status, occupation and mechanism of injury.

Chiropractic care is considered by many to be the first line of defense when it comes to lower back pain, this therapeutic practice offers a wide range of benefits specific to lower back pain–and notably absent is the reliance on drugs, invasive procedures, and/or expensive tests. Our Santa Rosa chiropractor Dr. Yoder combines nearly 30 years of professional experience along with the best current advances in chiropractic medicine to help people find relief from their lower back pain in several ways:

  • Spinal adjustments–  which improve the alignment of your spinal joints, relieve pressure on spinal nerves and blood vessels and improve energy flow
  • Soft tissue massage and mobilization- to reduce inflammation and swelling, relax sore and tight muscles, and promote improved blood circulation
  • Corrective stretching and exercises-  to restore normal length and strength of key postural muscles and other connective tissues
  • Lifestyle and nutritional counseling-  to maximize overall health, promote an ideal body weight, and reduce behavioral and environmental factors which may be contributing to low back pain (such as smoking, sedentary behavior, obesity, and poor body mechanics)

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Whether your low back pain is caused by sciatica, disc herniation or muscle strain, our chiropractor in Santa Rosa can help!

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