How Our Chiropractor Helps With Neck And Back Pain

The most common reasons new patients seek chiropractic treatment are back and neck pain. Both of these common pains are related to musculoskeletal issues such as muscle tension, subluxated vertebrae, sprains, and strains. Common stresses including emotional, mental, physical, and environmental stresses which we all encounter. These issues then proceed to cause you pain and discomfort. Our chiropractor in Santa Rosa, Dr. Kyle Yoder helps patients find relief from back and neck pain each day using chiropractic care and therapies from our full menu of services to re-align our patients’ spines, reduce muscle tension, accelerate healing, and improve the function of the body’s various systems.

Wellness Plans for Relief, Treatment, and Prevention

When consulting a new patient, Dr. Kyle first focuses on treatment for relief. Continuing to work with the patient, our chiropractor then develops an ongoing wellness plan comprised of various holistic health services and aimed to treat existing conditions and prevent the occurrence of future injuries or symptoms. Dr. Kyle designs each wellness plan to meet the individual physical needs and wellness goals of each unique patient and encourages an ongoing dialog with patients to ensure the wellness plan in place always remains the best course of action for that patient.

Additional Benefits of Treatment with Our Santa Rosa Chiropractor

Patients who come to our Santa Rosa chiropractor seeking relief from back and neck pain are usually surprised to learn about the additional physical and mental health benefits of chiropractic treatment including improved sleep, immune function, allergies, lifestyle, and much more.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Our Santa Rosa Chiropractor

If you would like to find out if chiropractic care might help you get relief from neck or back pain, we encourage you to contact our office at (707) 527-7100 to schedule an appointment. New patients of Dr. Kyle Chiropractic Center receive a free consultation with our Santa Rosa Chiropractor. So, there is no reason to spend another minute in pain. Call us today.

What stresses in your life lead to neck and back pain?

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