Pain Relief With Our Chiropractor in Santa Rosa

Do you struggle with chronic pain in your back, neck, legs, shoulder or hip? Spinal adjustments from Dr. Kyle, our chiropractor in Santa Rosa, can help you find pain relief naturally. Learn why spinal adjustments are the safer alternative to pain medication for back pain relief.

Spinal Adjustments Provide Back Pain Relief and More

Symptoms of back pain include pain, tension, stiffness, decreased mobility, and muscle spasms. If you experience these symptoms, seek wellness care. Traditional care of back pain frequently consists of medication to mask your pain, rather than hands-on treatment of the pain at its source. That’s why we recommend chiropractic spinal adjustments to provide back pain relief and more, which ends pain without using medication that poses an addiction risk and is pricey.

Chiropractic adjustments soothe the nervous system, which is a pathway to communicate to other parts of the body through the spine. When the nervous system is blocked, your nerves can misfire and cause pain signals in the back, neck or extremities. Until the underlying problem is corrected, you’ll continue to experience these symptoms. When the spine is blocked, the nervous system cannot communicate with all parts of the body. If a blockage remains for a long time, you could develop a disease or injury.

As we free the spine, we improve the nervous system so it can help your injuries and maintain wellness. If you come in aching with back pain, our adjustments will decrease inflammation and restore spinal alignment. This way, your nervous system can heal injured tissue and promote muscle recovery.

Chiropractic care is not just for back pain, other conditions that respond to chiropractic care include neck pain, sciatica, degenerative conditions, joint pain, arthritis, soft tissue strain, repetitive muscle strain and more. If you have poor nerve function and correlated conditions such as autoimmune or digestive issues, we can help.

What to Expect From a Spinal Adjustment in Santa Rosa

If you have never had a spinal adjustment, you might wonder what to expect. We offer two styles of chiropractic adjustments, the Diversified Technique, and the Thompson Technique.

Diversified is a broad adjustment style that benefits the widest range of health complaints and injuries. Our chiropractor serving Santa Rosa makes a fast, low-pressure adjustment to your spine, joints, or ligaments. We may use blocks to push the body into a particular position, enabling us to make the right adjustment in the right place.

The Thompson approach uses a special segmented table to aid in adjustments. Thompson style chiropractic helps correct leg length differences, spinal compression, and spinal subluxations.

While it generally takes a series of adjustments to heal your underlying health complaint, many patients feel pain relief after the initial appointment. Along with chiropractic care, our team will recommend lifestyle changes or nutrition supplements to help your recovery.

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