Low Back Pain Relief from Our Chiropractor in Santa Rosa

If you’re struggling with low back pain, you’re not alone. An estimated 31 million people in the U.S. have this problem at any given moment, making low back pain one of the most common reasons for workplace absenteeism. Don’t let low back pain prevent you from enjoying your life. Fortunately, you can obtain low back pain relief non-surgically through natural techniques offered by our chiropractor in Santa Rosa, Dr. Kyle Yoder.

How and Why Low Back Pain Strikes

The muscles and vertebral structures of the lower back carry the combined weight of the entire spinal column and upper body. These structures are subject to constant forces pulling on them, whether you’re bending, twisting, running or standing still. Even a slight imbalance can create serious muscle strain that results in low back pain. The facet joints that connect and mobilize the lumbar vertebrae may experience subluxation, falling slightly but significantly out of position. The lumbar discs may “slip” when a loss of hydration causes them to flatten and bulge outward, adding to the strain on the facet joints. A bulging disc can also herniate, pushing its inner material onto the sciatic nerve roots. If these nerve roots become impinged or inflamed, then sciatica may result causing both low back and leg pain.

While chronic low back pain may develop gradually, on the other hand, acute back pain from an injury may cause instant discomfort. An acute injury from cases such as an automobile impact may jar the lumbar spine badly enough to force the vertebrae and discs out of position. Also, violent twisting of the lower back can also damage the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that support the spinal column.

Get Effective Solutions From Our Santa Rosa Chiropractor

The good news is that low back pain doesn’t necessarily require invasive and costly surgery. Conservative care is the smartest first recourse — and we’re happy to provide it here at Dr. Kyle Chiropractic Center. Our Santa Rosa chiropractor can determine exactly what’s causing your pain, enabling him to administer the most effective natural treatments. A chiropractic adjustment can resolve many cases of low back pain by repositioning the joints, vertebrae, and discs into their proper alignment once again. This can take the strain off of muscles, relieve nerve impingement and put you on the fast track to healing.

Other natural treatments can complement chiropractic adjustment for low back pain relief. Our Santa Rosa chiropractor may prescribe massage therapy to relieve soft tissue pain and inflammation, stretches and other exercises to restore lower back strength mobility, and lifestyle adjustments to help you maintain a healthy posture.

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