Chiropractic FAQs

Are you in physical pain and discomfort? Your pain may result in the need to seek treatment and care.  At Dr. Kyle Chiropractic Center, we help you address certain injuries or pain with natural treatments and chiropractic care.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a natural treatment for pain or physical ailments using spinal adjustments and manipulation. The treatments improve circulation in your body, reduce pressure on the nerves in your spine and encourage your body to heal after an injury.

Is the Treatment Safe?

In most situations, chiropractic care is a safe solution to help with pain management, injuries from an accident or related concerns. At our clinic, our Santa Rosa chiropractor discusses your needs and situation before developing a treatment plan. We may also use diagnostic tools like an x-ray, to determine if a treatment is safe for your current situation.

What Does Our Santa Rosa Chiropractor Treat?

Our Santa Rosa chiropractor Dr. Kyle treats a variety of concerns at our clinic. We treat neck pain, back pain, headaches or migraines and injuries to your body. We also treat individuals who have been in an auto accident, a workplace accident or a sports injury accident. Our individualized treatment process depends on your needs and we develop a personalized plan for each individual.

When Should You Talk to a Chiropractor in Santa Rosa?

In most cases, you want to talk to a chiropractor in Santa Rosa as soon as you notice the pain or immediately after an injury. Some injuries may not cause symptoms, such as whiplash after a car accident or a sports injury; however, you want to seek treatment when you notice the pain and tension in your neck and shoulders. Treating the injuries or symptoms at an early stage allows you to address the discomfort and heal without further complications.

Are You Currently In Pain? Don’t Wait – Call Our Chiropractor Today!

Chiropractic care allows you to avoid harsh treatments while address injuries or pain in your body. At Dr. Kyle Chiropractic, we offer natural treatments to help with your goals.

For more details about our treatments or for an appointment with a Santa Rosa chiropractor, call (707) 527-7100 today. We look forward to meeting with you!

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