Find Your Source of Natural Pain Relief with Our Santa Rosa Chiropractor

Pain is an awful condition to live with each day. Pain often keeps us from going to work and from participating in the activities we enjoy most. Unfortunately, most mainstream medical doctors frequently prescribe patients medications to mask pain without addressing the underlying condition causing pain. Musculoskeletal conditions and injuries (easily treated with chiropractic care) are often at the root of chronic and acute pain. Our Santa Rosa chiropractor, Dr. Kyle Yoder always practices a less-is-more philosophy when it comes to treating pain. In other words, at Dr. Kyle Chiropractic Center, we believe it is the best practice to begin treating pain with the least-invasive methods which cause the fewest negative side effects. For this, chiropractic care and its complementary therapies are the perfect solutions.

Natural Pain Relief Means Drug-Free, Surgery-Free, Side Effect- Free Pain Management

We provide our patients with drug-free, surgery-free, side effect-free natural pain relief by consulting and examining each patient in order to pinpoint the root cause or causes of the chronic or acute pain from which they suffer. Often musculoskeletal issues like poor posture, sports injuries, repetitive motion injuries, auto accident injuries, pinched nerves, herniated discs, torn soft tissues, scar tissue, and muscle tension are at the root of the most common pain such as back, neck, sciatica, headaches, and migraines.

At Dr. Kyle Chiropractic Center, we work closely with each of our individual patients to devise a wellness plan comprised of the most appropriate treatments and therapies which we offer including spinal adjustments, massage therapy, stretching and exercises, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle advice. Our wellness plans begin by first addressing pain relief. Most patients experience immediate relief from pain after only their first adjustment and report improvement after each subsequent treatment.

Once our patients’ pain has been managed into a tolerable (or hopefully non-existent) level, we focus on healing any injuries present and breaking up scar tissues. We the work with our patients to strengthen muscles while also increasing flexibility and range of motion in order to prevent future episodes and injuries. Continuing a chiropractic wellness plan helps patients suffering from chronic conditions to reduce the frequency and severity of recurring symptoms.

Schedule Pain Relief with our Chiropractor in Santa Rosa

At Dr. Kyle Chiropractic Center, our chiropractor in Santa Rosa offers new patients a free consultation. If you suffer daily or miss out on life’s precious moments because of chronic or acute pain, contact us today at (707) 527-7100 to schedule your consultation and find immediate, natural relief from your daily pain. You should not have to miss out on life’s excitement. Get back to the activities you love today!