Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Relief With Our Santa Rosa Chiropractor

At Dr. Kyle Chiropractic Center, our Santa Rosa chiropractor provides natural back pain relief. If you suffer back pain, you might need more than rest and ice to recover.

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain & Upper Back Pain

Chronic back pain, whether lower back pain or upper back pain, should be treated it if lasts longer than a couple of days. If you experience pain that worsens when you do certain activities or movements, or that causes muscle spasms, tingling, or weakness, we recommend seeking treatment. Our chiropractor in Santa Rosa has seen far too many people come in with crippling pain symptoms – people who could have been helped earlier had they known to seek treatment.

Chronic back pain is your body telling you that something is wrong. Let us check whether it’s a slipped disc, herniated disc, spinal subluxation, pulled muscle, sports injury, auto accident injury, poor posture, or other cause. Only when you understand the true cause of your back pain and seek relief rather than medication will you find relief from chronic back pain.

See a Santa Rosa Chiropractor

Our chiropractor in Santa Rosa welcomes new patients presenting with back pain. When you see Dr. Kyle for back pain relief, you’ll enjoy chiropractic adjustments and so much more. Dr. Kyle can make adjustments that end pain and inflammation, while helping your back feel more limber than it has in years. Dr. Kyle also demonstrates stretches and exercises that improve your mobility and help you fight injury. Dr. Kyle also offers holistic lifestyle and nutrition tips to help you truly live in wellness and avoid disease. Due to our natural care, you can find relief from back pain and enjoy your fullest, most healthy life free of pain.

Chronic back pain is treatable. Take the first step to end your back pain in Santa Rosa today and reserve a consult with us. Make your first appointment online or by calling us. Mention the new patient special for back pain in Santa Rosa to get your initial consultation and treatment for just $29!

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